Signs of Spring

Over the last few weeks, we have seen the arrival of spring. Daylight hours are increasing and it will soon be time to start sowing in earnest. Wonderful to be back outside. Seen several Bees already, and fed one some sugar water as it was looking a bit weak.

I am trying not to be too eager to rip open the seed packets as I have found that it’s better to wait for longer days and the soil to warm up rather than having trays on every windowsill, with plants ending up getting leggy due to insufficient light levels.

I am trying to do successional sowing this year and I have started with Broad Beans and Lettuce. IMG_20170301_114232
Here is a picture of the peas that I soaked prior to sowing, then have now been planted at the Allotment.IMG_20170302_085836

I have potatoes chitting, this variety is called “Nicola”.IMG_20170301_162011

I have planted all my shallots and some of the onion sets into modules, they are starting to put on growth.IMG_20170301_114259

Re-potted a few Strawberry runners from last year to fill any gaps in the fruit cage at the Allotment. They are so easy to do, just take the runner off at the end of the season and pot up. New stock for next year.IMG_20170301_114454

The crocus is in full bloom and brightens up the back garden.

The tulips are starting to put on good growth and it won’t be long before I see the different types and colors. This year I picked 5 different varieties and mixed them up in the pots, looking forward to seeing how they turn out.IMG_20170301_114138